Agave and what it is

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Realistic green leaves are spilling out of the included hanging basket with this agave and maiden hair artificial plant. With its vibrant greenery, this ornament will give your interior space a splash of garden-inspired style. You can hang it next to a sliding patio door or by the window near your wall-mounted shelf in the kitchen for a natural look. The genusĀ Agave is primarily known for its succulent and xerophytic species that typically form large rosettes of strong, fleshy leaves.

Hanging baskets will work in so many places, not needing sun you can hang this beautiful artificial agave baskets just about anywhere. Hanging a bit of greenery in your kitchen brings some magic to your kitchen space. Hanging artificial flower baskets on the patio or any room in your house will have the appearance or fresh and warm summer days all year around. There is no mess and no water needed to bring some color in your life anytime of year.