We have Planters Too

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We sell a variety of artificial flowers, plants and trees, we also have planters. We have a great selection of planters to put your artificial flowers, plants and trees into. The variety of our planter come in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can spruce up any area of your home and outside space or office with a planter.



In a set of four to maximize your decorating potential, our set of two-patterned planters is sure to delight. One side is decorated with a raised cross thatched design in a rich variety of dark burgundy and light browns, while its neighbor is finished with a light charcoal gray floral pattern on a darker background. Both patterns are framed with a beautiful wine colored bamboo finish. These planter are not just for plants. You can use your planter to store things in or place your favorite artificial flower, plant or tree. Use these planters all around the house. Change up your decor’e with a simple but charming piece that will hold your magazines or toys or simply anything you have lying around that you would like to have easy access to. These beautiful planters are made from the finest materials and will last a life time.